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Throughout our dealings with small businesses from various industries, we have found a common issue that exists for many of them. Their website, although they have one, is not performing and creating results for their business.


Simply having a website is not enough to create an online presence that ensures your business is selected over your competitors in the same target market.  Improving your results does not have to be dificult and we can help you get underway. 


So, what's included? We will review:


  • The design, functionality, navigation and imagery

  • The structure, pages and the content included

  • Legibility, brand messaging and integration with your social media platforms, if applicable



Why decide to proceed?


After the review is complete, we can provide you with a list of suggestions and recommendations that you can action yourself or provide to your website developer.  If you have access to your website design, we can also offer to assist you implement the changes you choose.



Who will get the most out of this solution?


  • Small businesses that aren’t converting customers or prospects that visit their website

  • Those in need of a website refresh but do not have the expertise needed to determine what changes need or could be made

  • Small busines owners who have implemented a new website but are unsure if it is aligned with their big picture goals

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