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Here at Starlight – Solutions of Business, we believe in the highest quality of work, complete dedication to our projects and the utilisation of all our years of experience to deliver unique results for our clients. 


We know how busy everyone is.  Sometimes just running a simple report can seem more difficult and time consuming that it should be. 


It is our goal to empower businesses to have more control over their business and improve efficiencies based on enhancement of existing systems and processes and be notified of areas of risk before they become problems.


We have a business partnership with Vineyardsoft, data extraction and automation software. One of the modules available through this partnership is Knowledgesync Alerts, automated alerts. Knowledgesync can automate report delivery, remove the need for hands-on interaction and reduce the reliance on individual staff members being available when key data is required.


So, what can you do with KnowledgeSync Alerts? 


  • Automatically send emails to your Accounts Receivable team or directly to your clients when their invoices are almost due or overdue

  • Produce dashboards to notify you of risk or problem areas

  • Be emailed a report of new and lost clients for a specified period including revenue generated/lost

  • Notify staff when Jobs have been assigned to them or are about to become overdue/over budget

  • Be sent a list of clients with WIP greater than your set limit and on a frequency decided by you

  • Identify clients with consistent high write offs

  • Keep a running analysis of Fees and Write Offs against budget each month by employee if necessary

  • Get notified of upcoming client birthdays

  • Get access to a dashboard showing your top 100 clients set by your criteria, not your software's


What’s more, it is constantly updated … automatically! 


We have already been working with Practices who use MYOB AE Practice Manager and been busy creating live dashboards and critical management style reports.  That being said, if you are not using MYOB AE Practice Manager but have an SQL database eg. Handisoft SQL, we can produce the same results for you also.

Imagine if you could find just one thing in your database that would help bring value to your existing customer/client base.  It could be wishing them a Happy Birthday; send them a discount voucher or pick up the phone and deliver a personal message, it could be an internal factor you are attempting to measure; number of new customers/clients and their revenue value to the Business/Practice.


Whatever you would like to accomplish, don't settle for 'this is the best we can get out of our database', we can help you explore other possibilities.  It's worth a conversation.  If we cannot help you, we'll tell you so, and if there is someone in our network that can help, we'll let you know that too.


Your data is one of the most powerful assets you have, don't let it sit on the sidelines, re-ignite it's potential and possible opportunities to deliver results back to your Business/Practice.

What if you could free up your dedicated and experience Administration/Operations team to deliver more value to your clients by removing the need for them to generate and distribute reports or manually extract data and collate it?


It's possible now. Your data is one of the most powerful assets you have, don't let it sit on the sidelines, use it to drive value and deliver results back to your Practice.

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